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Little Scrummers becomes a partner.

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

The club are pleased to welcome the arrival of Little Scrummers as a partner for the 2022 season. The brand will be supporting both the Lion Rugby 7s & Lionesse Rugby 7s in our forthcoming campaigns.

Little Scrummers Rugby is an activity-based rugby skills club that focusses on physical activity for girls and boys aged 18 months – 7+ years, where children can learn and develop through interactive play. We are rugby enthusiasts who are passionate about bringing the community spirit to life and ensuring rugby is accessible for all. Through playing rugby with Little Scrummers, our members have developed further independent learning skills, gained more confidence and self-esteem too.

Andrew Fry, co-owner of Little Scrummers said of the partnership "Little Scrummers Rugby is incredibly proud to sponsor the Lions 7s. We learnt of the endeavours of the Lion 7s through its existing partnership with RED Sportswear. Immediately it is evident we share common values. The Little Scrummers network is vast and via sponsorship of the Lions 7s we hope to create a well rounded opportunity pathway for all who share our classes. Who knows we might even pick up a coach or two along the way ! "

Arun Watkins, Founder of the Lion Rugby 7s said "We are thrilled that Little Scrummers have chosen to support our club in the forthcoming season. We managed to catch up with both Andy & Holly in Dubai, and they were excited by the future and potential of our club, both by our actions on and off the field. We are looking forward to an exciting season and are grateful for their support in our endeavours. "

If would like to find out about commercial opportunities that are available with the club please contact us at

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