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Lions and Lionesses confirmed to attend EggChaser 7s

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

The Lion and Lionesses are pleased to announce that we will attending the 2023 EggChaser 7s.

The EggChaser 7s which is to be held on Saturday 6th May 2023 at Old Reigatian RFC, holds a great sense of meaning to the club and to quite a few of the players.

The event is run by EggChaser , established by Arun Watkins who is also founded both the Lions and the Lionesses, but more importantly it is the site for the first evolution of the Lions. The Lion Cub Sevens touch rugby team competed at the 2018 Old Reigatian touch rugby tournament, when the squad of players who had just finished their GSCE exams. The Lions and the Lionesses will be coming home to where it all began.

The event will play host to 12 men's and 8 women's sides compromising a mix of national teams and elite sides. The event will also have a VIP Section, various food and drink and entertainment.

Albiee Tayedzerwa & Avery Smiles-Tyson, both Lions players had this to say, “Eggchaser 7s is gearing up to be an amazing event, with plenty of high class 7s teams already involved. All looking to compete against some world class players that are already on the super series circuit in the U.K. or players coming from the international stage. Can’t wait to see who gets to take home the trophy at the end of the day & for all the fun memories to be made by all.”

Avery had this to say about the event “Competing against elite 7s sides, including national teams is always a great experience. With the entertainment, top facilities, and much more it will be a class event, and I can’t wait for it !”

If you would like to support the club either on or off the field, you can purchase a ticket/s to attend the EggChaser 7s at the super early bird price here

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